Don’t Wait Too Long to Start Your New Enterprise

Start Up Business

More and more people are thinking about starting a home-based business or career, but consistently stop themselves because they are afraid.  They are worried they’ll get in over their heads or concerned they really don’t have the time and energy to learn new systems.  There are, for certain, some reasons to be cautioned.  But are you now facing the realization that every month the bills continue to get larger and larger?  Are you reaching the end of your rope when it comes to make credit card payments?  If so, make certain you get your new business started NOW!  Do not wait too long before you start your new home-business enterprise.

Founding a new enterprise can involve a lot of new tasks and processes.  To open your doors, you may need to become more knowledgeable in some new technology.  You may need to learn some new skills.  But, the real question is this.  In this economy, can you actually continue to wait any longer?  In fact, many are now finding out just how much trouble they’re in.  So…no matter what kind of business you are planning to start, there will likely be a period where your new enterprise will need to crave your attention.  Both you and it will need to grow and mature so you both can prosper. So there is no better time than to begin right now!

Great News!  You Have So Many Startup Business Options

Some great news when it comes to starting a new business is this:  The days when you need massive amounts of startup and working capital are basically gone.  True, many with significant amounts of investment capital have the benefit of having the luxury of purchasing a franchise, with everything in place to assure some level of success.  But…most do not.  on the other side of the coin, today’s entrepreneurs and mobile creatives have learned that there are hundreds (id not thousands) businesses than can thrive simply due to some special skill or knowledge.  And they do not require the investment in real estate and “bricks and mortar”.  In most cases, the technological advances offered by the internet and online stores now make initial business investment so miniscule, that virtually anyone can be up and running is just a few days and earning new streams of income.

Get Started Right Now.  What to Do First

Though many “accounting types” will insist you need a Business Plan, that simply is not true today when you are focused on an “Online Business”.  Unlike the necessity of buying or leasing brick and mortar real estate, you new online business requires only the minimum of expense.  You will need…

  • To find your new business:  In the DataMax “Big List”, we showcase over 100 “real” home businesses with many that you can start with as little as $100.  Find your business.
  • To decide on your business name:  Definitely give this some thought.  In many cases. you will want to set up a D/B/A (Doing Business As) election or even an LLC.
  • To buy a domain (about $15 a year):  This is your web address on the internet.  It shows visitors where to find you to purchase your goods or services.
  • web site hosting (about $15 to $20 a month):  Hosting stores your website files.  Hosting makes your website visible to the entire world for just a few dollars a month.
  • web site (from a few hundred dollars to thousands):  This is your “store”.  It takes the place of your “OLD” brick and mortar store.  And…you can sell your goods and services to the entire world with your online internet store.

Get Your Website Operational

Without question, you will want to get your website operation which means having your domain and hosting.  Domains are purchased for a minimum of one (1) year.  Typically the cost is about $15 for a .com domain.  There are very few types of businesses that you will launch where you will want ANYTHING other than a domain that ends in .com.  Once you have your domain and hosting, you will need to choose a “platform” for the files for your site.  And the way to go here is with WordPress.  WordPress is…

  • FREE:  It is very easy to install and your hosting company will almost always to that for you
  • Worldwide;  Roughly 50% of all the world’s website are run on WordPress.  You’ve got great company
  • Themes and Plug-Ins:  WordPress has thousands of site templates as well as apps called “plug-ins”. Simply put, plug-ins make your site “do something”.  Plug-ins provide a function with you needing to ever use coding.
  • FREE…Elementor “Drag and Drop” Editor:  One of the easiest website designers and editors.  Gives you complete control of your website’s look and feel.

Start with a Template and Work From There

One of the fastest and easiest methods of getting up, operational, and in business is to start with some form of “website template”.  A template provides you with an Enterprise Framework and you then only need to “tweak” your site.  In some cases, you site is fully operational depending on what type of business and enterprise you enter.  One of the best sources of “templated” Enterprise websites is DataMax Marketing Systems.