5 Solutions for Older Americans “Un-Retiring” as Inflation Continues to Bite

American seniors are increasingly forced into ‘unretiring’ to deal with increasing prices that are decimating their standard of living.  And unfortunately, it is becoming more and more apparent that the damage is done.  Although rising costs have subsided to some extent, inflation pressure over the last 24 months have turned many grocery staples unaffordable.  Many foods that are considered staples are now  luxuries for many retirees on a fixed budget.  Additionally. all the data signals that the elevated pricing of life’s essential are here to stay.

Rents Are Not Discretionary 

Unlike many spending habits that may be considered to be discretionary, housing and shelter are not among them. Increasingly, retired Americans are spending more and more on rent and shelter every month. This additionally impacts low-income people disproportionately and senior citizens, especially those on fixed budgets based upon social security.  According to a recent Harvard Research study, nearly 10 million households headed by people aged 65 or older pay more than a third of their income on housing.  Half of these households pay more than 50% or half of their monthly income.

The Need for a Home-Based Business

The good news is there seems to be an abundance of jobs for those capable of applying for them.  The bad news is, today’s economy is forcing many elderly, retired Americans to seek employment, many of which are simply not able physically to work long hours for many of the available positions.  There must be a better solution to be found…and fortunately there is.  For many in need of a supplemental monthly income to makes ends meet in today’s economy, many have found the solution is to simply launch a low cost home-based business.

5 Low Cost “Quick” Solutions for Seniors Right Now

One of the most common problems for Americans today is the dilemma faced when younger mothers are forced to seek employment out of the home.  Child care, normal housekeeping chores, caring for pets, and even attending elderly living within the home represent the proverbial “rock and a hard place” when a second income is required.  For seniors seeking a part time solution for their own cash flow problems, the needs of younger families can offer the perfect symbiotic relationship and here’s five (5) examples.

  1. Personal Concierge / Errand Service: A part time personal concierge can be an indispensable part of a busy household.  As a personal concierge, you’ll assist two income families with their necessary tasks, errands, and to-dos that now have no one to do them.  Grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, managing maid service, taking vehicles in to be serviced.  House sitting / child sitting so children are cared for after school.  The list goes on and on.  All you’ll need is an inexpensive website / blog, transportation, a cell phone and you’re in business.
  2. Child Day Care / Tutor:  Arranging for child care when a household converts from a one income provider to two is one of the biggest problems faced by stay at home moms.  Depending on the situation, this can be a very part time business where you travel to your client’s home or where children are dropped of at your residence.  If you have teaching skills, this is the perfect time to turn this in to a tutoring business and especially during the summer months when there is no school.
  3. Personal Chef:  If you have good cooking skills, this is a great position you need to seek.  The last thing a two income family wants to think about is “what do we have for dinner?  Additionally, this is a job that is exceptionally fun if you like to cook.  It pays well and you will find that you will be booked solid once the word gets around.  And to help that word…all you need to do is to set up on easy to manage WordPress Recipe Blog.  Let your customers select from your great recipes, make an appointment, and your cash flow problems are finished .
  4. House / Pet Sitter:  If you enjoy cats and dogs, launching a House and Pet Sitter business is literally a snap.  To a pet, and especially dogs, the loss of it’s human companion is often devastating.  In many cases, a house sitter and dog walker is the answer.  The bonus here is that the dog walking business will keep you in shape, so be prepared.
  5. Elder Care Companion:  This is a need that is much more common than most think.  In today’s economy, it is not uncommon to have a parent enjoy a home with their children.  In some instances, that parent is not 100% capable of caring for his or herself.  They need a companion.  And that’s where you come in.  As an Elder Care Companion, you will not only provide the companionship for the senior, but you will take a sizable weight of worry from your client.  This is also an opportunity for additional enterprises such as computer tutoring for seniors.

With today’s online business opportunities, retired seniors can easily solve their cash flow needs even in today’s inflationary economy.  The above are “Quick and Easy” solutions that involve almost no start up capital other than a quick and easy website which can be provided by DataMax Marketing and typically under $100.  To find out more, visit the website at www.datamaxmarketing.com.