Handyman Services Business Opportunity

If you can swing a hammer and tend to be “Mr. or Mrs. Fixit around the house, a handyman business might be just right for you.  And, in many cases, you do not need to actual do any work yourself as you build a solid group of licensed sub-contractors to actually do work that you develop.

The First Step in Launching This Business

Really, the first step in launching this business is to build a list of things you can do around the house.  Fewer and fewer people know how to use basic tools anymore and as America ages, more and more people need assistance with very basic things such as…

  • Hanging PicturesHandyman with Tools
  • Installing / Changing Batteries in Smoke Detectors
  • Cleaning Gutters
  • Assemble / Repair BBQ Grills
  • Repairing Fences
  • Assembling Modular Furniture
  • Hanging pictures and mirrors on walls
  • Changing Air Filters
  • Hanging Christmas Lights
  • Changing Ceiling Light Bulbs
  • Repairing / Realigning Kitchen Cabinet Drawers and Doors
  • Installing Storage Shelving in Closets and Garages
  • Door and Door Lock Repairs
  • Window Caulking
  • Small Drywall Repair
  • Tile Grout Repair
  • Moving / Repositioning Furniture
  • The List goes on and on

All states have limitations on the types of jobs handymen can perform without a particular license so you will need to do some research on what services you can and cannot perform.   For example, you will likely be unable to perform even simple tasks involving anything electrical or anything involving plumbing.  Some states, in fact, will limit you to doing only jobs with a cost of $1,000 or less without some form of contractor’s license.  That’s really no problem.  In every locality, there are literally thousands of seniors and others in need of what can only be described as help doing the “simplest things” or almost anything involving a ladder.  Want to see what’s popular?  Just go to Craig’s List and look at the current handyman ads to see what services are being commonly advertised.

Costs of Starting a Handyman Business

Most that start a handyman service will already have the tools they need but you will additionally occur some expenses not related to hardware.  Without question, you will need to obtain the necessary local licenses required to start your handyman business as well as some professional liability insurance.  These are minor costs in most cases.

To be able to perform many tasks, you will find a truck to be almost a necessity as you may well find the need to carry ladders, lumber, lengths of shelving, and large boxes.  You will also need to have some startup marketing dollars for advertising and such things as magnetic signs for your vehicle.  A large part of marketing this business, however, is word of mouth and you will find that as you build your clientele, more and more referrals will simply pour in.

Income Potential

There is much more income potential in a handyman business than most would imagine.  Like most home-based businesses, this is one that is built up over time but income potential can be exceptional.  Hourly rates vary significantly from local to local but rates of $50 – $100 per hour are common and especially if you focus on the “right jobs”.