Launch a Home-Based Commercial Janitorial Services Business

Cleaning residences and small businesses can be a very profitable home-based venture and one that is very easy to start. Don’t, however, overlook the fact that this can be physically demanding work, especially when you first start out and are likely to be doing most of the work yourself.  The great news is, however, that this is a business which can be started on a shoestring investment and also one that has never been more in demand. In today’s economy, working families find it necessary for both spouses to be employed to make ends meet and setting aside time for domestic chores has become difficult if not impossible. In short, many of today’s “moderns” need a house cleaning service.

What You Will Need to Start This Business

As mentioned, you will need very little to start this business and especially so if you initially focus just on cleaning residences.  At a minimum, you will need:

  • good transportation and preferable an SUV or van.
  • a quality vacuum cleaner
  • cleaning chemicals and dust cloths
  • mops and brooms
  • business cards and a brochure
  • invoice pad
  • a business license and bonding
  • a business website

As you learn more about this business, there are many niche areas on which you can focus.  There are, for example, “green cleaning services” which use only recycled products and nature friendly cleaning solvents.  There are cleaning services which focus entirely on the elderly and their unique needs.  There are cleaning services which focus on open house showing.  The specialty areas are endless.

Income and Earnings Potential

This is a great home-based business which will grow very rapidly with just some modest advertising.  Those in the business will tell you to always charge by the job and never by the hour.  Typically a small 2 bedroom / 2 bath home will generate $60 – $75 per cleaning and once you have cleaned the house several times, it is likely you can get the job done in 3 hours or less. Try to set up a standard weekly or bi-weekly schedule for each client.  You will also charge additionally for very periodic items such as cleaning an oven, patio, or “deep cleans”.  All in all, a successful operator (single with no employees) can easily perform 3 cleanings per day ($200+) with good scheduling so this is easily started business can generate $40,000+ per year.

Taking This Business to the Next Level

Cleaning Services are probably one of the easiest businesses to grow as you hire employees and expand your residential business to include small commercial spaces.  Your biggest challenge will be to find hard workers that are trustworthy and honest.  Once found, however, you can grow a cleaning service exponentially.  This business will remain a hands-on business for the owner no matter how large it gets or how rapidly it grows as you will always need to oversee the work of your employees and maintain very good relations with your clients.  With proper management, you can grow the income from a cleaning service into the six-figures relatively easy with the only real challenge being finding VERY honest workers.  Additionally, cleaning services are very easy to add on services to and this is especially true for senior care, house sitting, pet sitting, etc.