Business Opportunity Coach

Business Opportunity Coaching is one of the newer business opportunities we now support at DataMax and this enterprise is certainly on the rise due to more and more individuals seeking some way out of the world of the underpaid employee.  Business Opportunity Coaching is a unique area of consulting but this opportunity and enterprise is one that requires almost no startup capital and one that almost anyone can do if they are willing to invest in the many hours of research and data management which is required.

An Unlimited Opportunity for Those in the Know

One of the more attractive features about being a Business Opportunity Coach is that the career path is unlimited and has an abundance of features.  A professional Business Opportunity Coach…

  • Can evaluate an individual client’s abilities and steer them in the right direction towards an opportunity they can succeed in.
  • Stays abreast of business opportunities and franchise opportunities and know those that represent high-quality opportunities and those that do not.
  • Can assist clients in licensing and permitting and can assist them in getting up and operating as soon as possible
  • Understands the basics of small business finance and can assist their clients in accessing factoring, microloans, merchant cash, etc.
  • Assists their clients in cred repair is necessary.
  • Helps their clients with the basics of marketing such as setting up a business website, setting up an email marketing system, having business cards and brochures printed, etc.

What You Will Need to Prepare for This Business

This is a very low cost business that is primarily based on research and your ability to explore the thousands of business opportunities available, separate the good from the bad, and then market this unique specialty area of consulting to those you know.  To launch this business, you will need:

  • Computer and Printer:  You will be spending many hours surfing the web and downloading information on business opportunities.
  • Kindle:  You will be investing in a lot of informational “how to” books from Amazon.  Most are very inexpensive (99¢ and up) in Kindle format.  You will save hundreds of dollars using a Kindle reader rather than purchasing in paperback form.  We highly recommend the Paper White version.  (see link at left)
  • Website:  You will need a website that promotes this unique business
  • Blog:  While this can be considered optional, this is one business where a blog can take the place of a great deal of other marketing tools.  Word Press Blogs are very easy to set up and operate.
  • Affiliate Links:  You will likely want to “monetize” your website and blog with affiliate links for such programs as credit repair, credit cards, legal documents, etc.

Income and Residual Income Potential

Business Opportunity coaches earn income in multiple ways.

  • Coaching / Consulting Fees:  Business Opportunity Coaches are specialized consultants and as such, charge consulting fees.  You can charge an hourly fee or flat rate.  You can charge $215 per hour or $100 per hours based on your market.  It’s all up to you.
  • Affiliate Programs:  Business Opportunity Coaches will have a website that promotes affiliate links.  These will include affiliate programs such as credit repair, credit cards, business finance, legal documents (incorporation), website creation, etc.
  • Referral Fees:  Business Opportunity Coaches will also benefit from direct referral fees which are often residual such as factoring and small business finance fees.  You may also receive referral fees from franchises and directly from “biz opp” providers.

Preparing for a Career as a Business Opportunity Coach

Becoming a good Business Opportunity Coach requires just two things:

  • Knowledge:  Becoming a good Business Opportunity Coach means you will be doing a lot of online home work.  You will be exploring business opportunities, cataloging them by price and requirements, checking for “rip off” reports. etc.
  • Marketing:  You will need to marketing your consulting business.  You will need a website, business cards, and time to devote to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Get signed up on social media and set your website up as soon as possible so you can begin signing up for Affiliate Links>
  • Affiliate Links:  Quality income-producing affiliate links for this enterprise are by the hundreds but you will need a domain and website before singing up.  Pick your links wisely and focus on those that add something to your service.