Professional Auto Buyer / Concierge

An Auto Concierge works for a flat rate or fee based upon the money they save you at the dealership.  An auto concierge will..

  •  consult with you to determine the best vehicle to meet your needs
  •  negotiate the best price with the dealer
  • review the sales contract or lease
  • arrange to have the vehicle delivered to your home or office
  • Oversee the signing of contracts

A Perfect Service for Busy Executives

Enlisting the services of an auto concierge is very beneficial to busy “on-the-go” executives who have little time to shop and negotiate.  Few busy executives enjoy dealing with auto dealers and most feel they are taken advantage of and pay too much.  An Auto Concierge eliminates the stress of purchasing a vehicle and finds just the right car with just the right options and negotiates the selling price.

A Much Needed Service for Women Shoppers

Most women know little or nothing about vehicles and almost all feel they are victimized by car salesmen who want to hit a commission “home run” when they see a female shopper.  An auto concierge provides the perfect safeguard for those ladies with little or no auto buying experience and who simple want a safe and reliable vehicle for their daily travel needs.

For Senior Citizens

A professional Auto Concierge also provides a much needed service for the elderly who do not have the ability to spend hours and hours shopping for a car and who have little negotiating skills when it comes to closing a “good” deal.  Many Auto Concierges make it a point to focus their marketing efforts on assisting senior citizens.

Additional Fee-Generating Opportunities

For many who enter this area of professional services, auto buying is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is a business that can easily be expanded to include…

  • Taking vehicles in for service appointments
  • Working with dealers to provide “loaners”
  • Arranging “top dollar” trade-in sales with auto wholesalers
  • Working with auto detailers for periodic detailing

Who Makes a Good Auto Concierge

Becoming a professional in this business takes time and patience but it is particularly attractive business opportunity for those who like the auto business and have several year’s experience in the sales side of an established dealer.  This makes it a perfect business for experienced car sales people.

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