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How to Launch a Blank Enterprise

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  • Investment Range
  • Start Up Time
  • Industry Attractiveness
  • Earnings Potential
  • Commitment
  • Training Available 
  • Website Support
  • Affiliate Opportunities
  • Add-on Opportunities

Enterprise Business Review

Feel like adding some color to your life?

Painting a house tends to be a tiring and stressful endeavor that most people prefer to avoid. But if you have no issue with throwing on the overalls, grabbing your brushes and rollers, and brightening up the walls, then a painting business might be a great fit for you.

Residential and commercial painting jobs are more in-demand of late as many new home and business owners start to take interior design more seriously. A professional and efficient painting service could be a lucrative way to capitalize on your interests while adding some visual zip to your community.

The key is having the knowledge to avoid the common pitfalls and move patiently through the launch and development process, as detailed in this step-by-step guide to starting your own painting business.  (See the full review at Step by Step Business)

Get Started Now!

The quicker you select a website domain for your enterprise, choose and set up your website template files, and sign up for hosting through DataMax, the quicker your business will be visible on the web and available for Google and other search engines to crawl and index.   Check your domain name’s availability now at DataMax Hosting.

Get Some Training and Enterprise Publications

For many home-based enterprises, there are excellent training guides, “how to” books and valuable handbooks to help you launch your business successfully.  These publications are virtually all authored by those with years of experience in their field and offer one of the surest methods to insure you’re on the right track for profitability.  Most of the publications below are conveniently available through Amazon and for which DataMax earns a fee is an Associate (affiliate)





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