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How to Launch an Auto Detailing Enterprise

Auto detailing is like car washing on steroids and although washing the car is where it all begins, detailing includes waxing, polishing, clay bar treatments, vacuuming, treating fabrics, and much more.  This is an exceptional home-based business for those with little startup capital and who don’t mind the physical requirements of this type of enterprise.  Affiliate opportunities abound with auto related products.

  • Investment Range:  1K – $3K
  • Start Up Time:  0 – 3 months
  • Industry Attractiveness:  Very
  • Earnings Potential:  $50K – 125K
  • Commitment:  Part Time or Full Time
  • Training Available: Yes 
  • Website Support:  DataMax Templates
  • Affiliate Opportunities:  Extensive
  • Add-on Opportunities:  Yes

Enterprise Business Review

Some people care for their cars like their children and always want them spic and span, which is why the car wash and detailing industry is worth over $13 billion. Starting your own car detailing business offers a way for you to get a piece of that market and build a profitable company.

Challenges exist, however, when starting a car detailing business. You’ll have to work hard and be prepared with relevant knowledge to be successful. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place, as this step-by-step guide provides all the information you’ll need to put you on the road to entrepreneurial success.  View the details of this business at Step by Step.

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The quicker you select a website domain for your enterprise, choose and set up your website template files, and sign up for hosting through DataMax, the quicker your business will be visible on the web and available for Google and other search engines to crawl and index.   Check your domain name’s availability now at DataMax Hosting.

Get Some Training and Enterprise Publications

For many home-based enterprises, there are excellent training guides, “how to” books and valuable handbooks to help you launch your business successfully.  These publications are virtually all authored by those with years of experience in their field and offer one of the surest methods to insure you’re on the right track for profitability.  Most of the publications below are conveniently available through Amazon and for which DataMax earns a fee is an Associate (affiliate)

Entrepreneur Press

Remmy Doyle

J. M. Cook

Eileen Sandlin

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