5 Personal Beauty Niches You Can Start With Little or No Money

Did you growing up listen to you father say that “you need to spend money to make money”?  Well, if you are one of today’s “mobile creatives” looking for a solid source of income in today’s economy, that’s not necessarily true.  It is possible to start a business from home without having to invest much money at all.  In fact, sometimes all you need to supply is time on top of a good idea.  All of these businesses are blog / affiliate marketing combinations that anyone…and we mean anyone…can launch successfully.  So with that said, Here’s 5 great “Personal Beauty” businesses you can launch in your spare time with little or no money invested.

5. Fashion Concierge / Personal Shopper

This is a great and fun profession if your one of the people that all of your friends know you are the best shopper in the group.  And…OK..OK!  Setting up a blog is not completely free.  But, its close.  To get this niche off the ground, you will need a catchy website domain (about $15 per year) and monthly hosting fee (about $10 per month) but that’s it.  Adding in a DataMax specialized blog template designed for this particular enterprise runs under a hundred bucks and will save you hours and hours of set up time but, that’s up to you. But here’s the deal.

A Fashion Concierge / Personal Shopper is a niche of the popular “Personal Concierge” business.  With this niche, however, you will be focusing your efforts on tow things:

  • Selecting fashionable clothing


You will decide what you niche will be of course (what will your blog be about), but that is relatively easy since most bloggers  focus on something they enjoy.  Do you enjoy cooking?  Food is a niche that represent over 40% of all blogs.  Do you enjoy reading lifestyle or “mommy” reading?  A blog might be right for you.  Are you in to travel? Nearly 10% of readers on the web that frequent blogs spend time on travel.   In fact the sky is the limit when it comes to blogging.